Braun 3 Series 340S-4 Review

Braun Series 3 340S-4 Budget Electric Shaver

Braun 3 Series 340S 4 Review

Braun is one of the most popular shaver brands out there. The shaver is essentially a wet & dry shaver and the popularity of Braun shavers can be attributed to the fact that these shavers are considered high-quality devices and reliable in terms of the quality of the final outcome of the shave.

In this post I am going to review the Braun Series 3 340S-4 but, this review will be applicable to all the series 3 shavers. Their shaving perform is the same however, we will touch on some of the differences between certain features. I will make sure this review is thorough enough so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not if this electric shaver is right for you.






The Models

Braun Series 3 Models can be divided into three subgroups.
Unfortunately, there isn’t much consistency between Brauns websites and some of these online retailers. Sometimes Braun lists some models while online retailers might list other models and different regions list different models numbers. But, generally, these are the main ones.

390cc, 370cc and 350cc

  • All have the Cleaning Option
  • Color and Battery Display Difference
  • Have both Wet & Dry Technology

370, 360, 330 and 320

  • All only have dry razor option
  • Color and Battery Display Difference

380s and 340s

  • Have both Wet & Dry Technology
  • 380s has a precision lock feature

NOTE: Shaving performance is the same between all of these models!

What comes in the Box?

With the Brauns series 340 S-4 you will get:

  • Shaver itself
  • Charging Stand
  • Electrical Cord
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Machine Oil
  • Protective Back
  • Instruction Book

Charging and Cleaning

You can charge the shaver with the charging stand or you can plug the cord directly into the razor. The razor will not work when the cord is plugged into it. The first charge should last around 4 hours and that will give you 45 minutes worth of shaving time and subsequent charges will last around one hour.

Cleaning the shaver is very straightforward you can clean it under running water or clean it with a shaving brush for rinsing it under running water you can turn it on and rinse it under the tap. You can also apply some liquid soap. Turn it on and rinse it under the tap as well. Once you’re done just remove the oil cap and set it down to dry you. You might want to blow or shake away any large water drops. The other way to clean it would be to use the cleaning brush so, you can brush away any stubble gently. You can also just blow away any stubble as well. Now with the oil cap, you want to just shake or gently tap it on the countertop. You don’t want to directly brush the coils.

Shaver Design

The Braun series 3 shavers have a typical Braun design which fits really well in the hand. It’s a bit smaller than some other models in this price category but, fits well in the hand. It has that plastic type of look but, it actually feels really durable and sturdy.

If you were to upgrade to the 380 as you get a precision lock button and what’s that going to do is that it will walk in the foils and the cutter so the two foils on the cutter they kind of float back and forth and if you upgraded to the 380 you would be able to lock those into place and if you upgrade to the cleaning station which is the 390 cc you’ll also have that precision lock. But, I personally don’t think it’s necessary and the shaver works well with just the floating foils.

On the back of the shaver, there is a pop-up trimmer which is good for straightening out your sideburns. If you have a thick beard you probably don’t want to try to remove it with that because it will take a long time.

So, overall good design, fits very nicely in the hand.

Shaving Performance

Now, I really like the performance, I can get used to if I shaved less often. Without a doubt, I can tell a difference between the higher end models although, this shaver still gave me quite a good result.

This is ideal for medium to light beard. You’d love the performance if you didn’t have to shave every day.

I personally am not a fan of wet shaves but, if you like wet shaving than this is for you. I find it a bit messy to wash my face with warm water and then rinse the shaver as I go on.

Now, when I tried shaving with it, the shaver did take longer and more passes in certain areas of my face.

I wouldn’t recommend this if you have a thicker beard. Since thicker beards need more advanced models rather than this one. You should consider going for some of the higher-end brands such as the Panasonic ES-LV81-K that are optimized for thick beards.

Furthermore, I would not recommend this type of shaver for people with sensitive skin since it might be quite uncomfortable on your skin.

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Features which stick out for Braun 3 Series 340S-4:

  • While this shaver might be on the low end on price wise, it surely does have quite a few features that the higher end models have!
  • The Braun 3 Series is designed as both a dry and wet shaver and this implies that you can easily use the product for both shaving purposes with no hindrance.
  • The shavers’ ability to adequately handle both long and short hairs is enhanced by the presence of the triple action system that is specifically designed for this purpose.
  • The replacement parts for the 3 Series are readily available in the market and are quite cheap
  • The battery on this shaver lasts pretty long. This makes it ideal for use in places such as camping or while traveling.
  • The user experience is enhanced through the use of the Direct & Cut that aligns hairs to facilitate easy shaving.

Now, the Braun 3 Series is definitely not as good as the typical high-end shaver however, you can’t lie, it does perform well to get the job done. On top of that, the fact that this shaver is WAY cheaper compared to some of its higher-end counterparts just goes to show you that you can save a lot of money and still get more or less get similar shaving experience.

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Final Thoughts and Overall Experience:

The Braun Series 3 is the best low budget shavers out on the market today. As long as you don’t have a thick beard or sensitive skin, you will really be impressed by the amazing quality you are getting for an affordable price.

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Braun Series 7 Review

Braun Series 7 – What’s the hype about?

Braun Series 7 ReviewWhy is there so much hype about the Braun Series 7? First off, Braun company itself is among the top in electric shavers. The quality and precision of their products are amazing. 

In this post, I am going to review the Braun Series 7. This is one of my favorite electric shavers to shave with. The Braun Series 7 790CC is one of the most sold & advanced electric shavers on Amazon. Which just goes to show how good this electric shaver is.

The Braun 7 790CC is an advanced electric shaver which offers a smooth and close shave as needed. The Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc 5 is the only other shaver that matches the Braun series collection. The electric shaver utilizes inbuilt advanced technology such as the OptiFoil feature which covers more hair in fewer strokes. The Braun Series 7 has the Pulsonic technology which creates a vibration on the hand. It helps saves time and results in a perfect shave.

 If you are looking for a comfortable shaving experience, the Braun shavers are ranked among the most comfortable electric shavers. It has a similar linear motor like the Panasonic Arc 5. It is perfect for people with delicate skin.


What comes in the box?

With the Braun Series 790 CC 4 you will get:

  • The electric shaver itself
  • Cleaning system
  • Traveling case
  • Cleaning brush
  • Braun lubrication oil
  • Clean & Renew liquid pack

The Models

Braun Series 7 could be divided into 3 subcategories.

However, there isn’t a whole lot of consistency between Brauns Websites and some of these online retailers and because of this Braun lists some model differently than other online retails. Different regions may also have different model numbers.

Braun 799CC

  • It has the fast cleaning feature
  • It has an automatic program selection
  • It utilizes the wet and dry technology
  • It has an LCD 6 levels battery indicator

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Braun 790CC

  • It has fast cleaning technology
  • It has the automatic program selection feature
  • It has a battery indicator level of LCD 6
  • It has the wet and dry technology

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Braun 760CC

  • This model has lesser features and comes at a lower price.
  • It does not have the fast cleaning, wet and dry technology, and automatic program selection
  • It has LED 6 levels battery indicator

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NOTE: Shaving performance is the same between all of these models!

Charging and Cleaning

You should avoid the 720 S if you can because cleaning it manually is a little bit more difficult because of the blades and the foils are all connected. One thing to note is that I do recommend you do a bit of a manual clean before running it through the system.

So, for this, you will need to release the cap and shake away any stubble over the sink. You could also gently tap it on your countertop. So those with a heavy beard might want to do this halfway through a shave. You don’t wanna directly brush the foils with the brush, however, brushing the actual shaver is worth doing. So basically you want to get as much stubble off before setting it into the cleaning system. This takes about ten or fifteen seconds and it’s worth doing.

For a more thorough manual clean, you could rinse the foil cap under the sink and let it dry. You can also just shake away any water drops if you do this several times a week you should apply some lubrication to the blades. If you run out of the Braun oil, you can use some baby oil or some mineral oil, you just want to apply a small amount to the foils and then turn it on for a few seconds. 

When you do set the shaver into the system, you just to press one button and the shaver is fully clean and comes out smelling nice and fresh.

It is referred to as the Braun clean and renews system. I want to run you through what the lights and the button mean on the base.

On the left, if the top left button lights up that means that a full cleaning cartridge is installed. If the second light was lit up it would mean that seven cleaning sessions or less are left. If the bottom light was lit up then it would mean that the cleaning cartridge needs to be replaced. In the center, there is a blue button that’s the on the button and just below that is the two quick clean button. Then on the right, you have a check mark and some water drops and that just indicates what type of cleaning session is required and the time it takes will depend on whether a light cleaning session is needed or a more thorough cleaning session is needed.

Setting up the whole system is very easy, you simply remove the cap on the clean and renew liquid packs and then set it into the base and just try not to spill anything on your countertop. Plug it in and then put the shaver firmly into the base and just make sure that the back prongs are lined up with the ones inside the cleaning dock and then simply just press the center button.

Shaver Design

The Braun series 7 fits very well in the hand and it has a very high-quality feel when compared to a lot of other shavers. The shaving head pivots back and forth but not side-to-side and it’s made up of two foils and a large center cutter.

On the bottom, there’s a display which tells you how much battery life is left and how clean the shaver is.

It has a pop-up trimmer on the front which performs well on small jobs but, if you want to completely remove a beard it’s best to have a beard trimmer on hand.

The 790 CC 4 has three-speed settings. Light, normal and fast. I always use the fast setting but, those with very sensitive skin might prefer the light setting.

There’s a lock feature where you tilt the head fully forward and lock it into place. I have heard a few complaints that this feature didn’t work for everyone however, I’ve never actually found it very useful so I avoid using it.

On the left, there is a release button and when you press it firmly the foil cap comes off. If there is one thing to complain about with the design, it would be with this foil cap. The blades and the foils are all connected and this makes a manual clean a little harder when compared to other models where you can clearly see the blades and brush away and stubble.

Shaving Performance

Now, these products generally tend to work better on shorter stubble. So, if you have a thicker beard you’ll see better results if you shave more frequently.

This will reduce the number of passes you need to make and ultimately it’s easier on your skin and easier on the shaver.

The Braun series 7 is one of the most comfortable shavers I have ever used. I recommend it for thick and medium beards and in my opinion, it’s one of the best performing models available! 

I always get a really smooth finish with the series 7 with absolutely no irritations.

Just on shaving performance alone I HIGHLY recommend this!!


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Braun Series 7 Top Features

Pivoting head

It covers all aspects of your face for a smooth face. It adapts to the hard-to-reach areas such as the neck and face contours. The shaver has a flexible head which avoids repeatedly shaving the same spot.

Charging and cleaning dock

It is hectic to clean your shaver every time you use it. The series 7 comes with an automatic cleaner which cleans after use. The cleaning dock has alcohol which kills most bacteria and on top of that, it also leaves behind a really pleasant scent. It also automatically dries out the electric shaver by just pressing 1 button

Personalization mode

Braun Series 7 understands that we have different skins and hair types. The shaver has three personalization modes that are programmed to shave over the skin and beard. The three modes are normal, extra sensitive, and the intensive. There is no other shaver with this unique feature.

Final Thoughts

The Braun Series 7 is one of the most advanced and best electric shavers in the market. It utilizes the latest technology that creates an amazing shaving experience. Braun series has created a niche for itself and its’ the favorite of many professional barbers.

My issue with the latest 799CC series is that does not have the wet and dry technology. The wet and dry technology makes cleaning the shaver easy. However, that’s not a big enough issue to prevent you from getting this high-quality shaver. Unless of course, you prefer rotary over a foil!

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